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Emailing System


Information Technology Department

Reported this Wednesday 09 Oct, 2013 ” We have Launched Emailing system for Every Staff Member. they can now communicate with each other easily and can access their email from anywhere. not only this they can keep their record save as much as they want to because we are offering every staff member a 20GB Emailing Account which means they can keep more then 54780000 Emails in their account and can search easily with the speed of 50MBPS. Uploading is even faster as we have connected all the uploading process to our FTP server with data load balancing system. Not only this They can also make a backup of their email account including send and receive folders, calender, events, and contacts information in our UK based Cloud Server.



Some of the best features we have

  • High Security System.
  • Cloud Backup System.
  • 20Gb of Storage as no other company is offering to their staff.
  • 100mb of attachment per Email.
  • Distribution list of Emailing.
  • Pop3 & IMAP Supported.
  • User Customization option like ( Changing Skin and design easily).
  •  Spam Control System.
  • Logs are generated for each email for easy tracking and tracing purpose.
  • connecting to private Static IP (For Staff Use Only)
  • Android and Apple Mobile Application to use Emailing System.
  • Access to Company’s Email account from anywhere, anytime.