Gaming tournament of Counter-Strike 2013


Management reported today on Thursday, 10th Oct, 2013 ” One Call BPO will organize a Gaming tournament for all staff members so they can make them a bit relax and release their stress and work pressure. Not only this, Gaming tournament will also boost up their passion of working here at one call bpo and also they might understand the friendly environment better that we have here. building a team playing together will make them feel as they are working in friends and family. this is a great idea to make the relax and let them think for environment for a while.


so? what’s going to be in tournament which makes them excite?they got so many reasons for it.


1). They very First all the staff member who wants to be a part of this tournament will consider their names to the Management.

2). The one who got the better game will be selected as the Team Captain. ( 2 Captains for 2 Teams)

3). Captain will decide their team members

4). Practice friendly match so judge other players.

5). Lets the tournament begin. 2 Teams, 2 Captains, 15 Player each side, 7 hours of entertainment, last minute decides the Winnig Team

Note: Winning Team will Get a certificate and will be awarded as WINNING TEAM OF THE YEAR 2013. Player of the match will get an extra Award.